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2017-05-23 10:20:27 by eKarasz

Allow me to introduce myself. They call me Karasz, and I am a freelancer for hire. For years, I had shown off my work and help produce custom images for my finest clients. I also do some graphic design from time to time. It's kinda hard to find good work these days. But despite all that, I enjoy what I make and that's okay.


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2017-05-23 11:23:11

Hey there! Welcome to Newgrounds, home of the best flash games and independent animation.
Please read the forum rules to ensure that you don't cause any trouble in this site.
You can always contact a moderator or one of the admins if there are any problems occurring in the site.

If you have any questions, you can always go to the forums and post your questions there, or you can always ask somebody, like me for example.

The community here hopes you enjoy your stay!

Your art is wonderful as well!

eKarasz responds:

Thanks. I'll be sure to follow the rules man. :)


2017-05-25 12:12:36